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Can you imagine the excitement in our office when us girls at Totallyweddings were lucky enough to try a new super premium 40% Polish grain vodka U’Luvka Vodka (pronounced You-Love-Ka).

U’Luvka launched in the UK in spring 2005.  However, it is not so much a new arrival as a great revival and has roots going back to the alchemists of the 17th century Polish Royal Court.

In those heady days, the tradition at Court was to drink vodka from glasses without bases.  Once filled, these ‘legless’ glasses could not be put down until the entire contents had been drunk… When we heard this we decided this was one tradition we were quite happy to carry on!

U’Luvka has featured in some of the top magazines such as Hello and Tatler. It has also won numerous awards such as Winner of the Grand Gold Medal 2006 – 44th Monde World Selection Sprits and Liqueurs, Winner of the ‘Exceptional Vodka’ Gold Medal 2006 – San Francisco World Spirits Awards just to name a few!

The first thing that catches your eye is the most stunningly beautiful design of not only the bottle but the packaging as well. The U’Luvka family include a Magnum which stands almost  half a metre tall,the signature bottle (70cl), and the newest addition to the family is the U’Luvka Miniature (10cl), which is small enough to nestle in the palm of your hand (great to calm the best man down before his big speech!).

U’Luvka also have a range of gift ideas which include the “Friendship, Love & Pleasure” Gift Box which would be the perfect Thank you gift for your bridesmaids. For the couple who have everything the perfect gift would be the U’Luvka Ice Bucket and Glasses. This includes the iconic metal ice-bucket discreetly branded with the U’Luvka logo and with a chrome rack to support the 12 U’Luvka ‘legless’ shot glasses. Not only does this look totally stunning it is going to be a present that i am sure will have pride of place in the Newlyweds home, it certainly would mine!

U’Luvka is distilled in small batches, by craftsmen, from the finest Polish rye, wheat and barley.  It is fresh, clean and elegant on the nose, with distinct floral notes. You will find it creamy and lightly buttery in character, with impressive sweet, savoury and spicy flavours, aniseed freshness and a long vibrant grain finish.

Unusually, U’Luvka tastes as good at room temperature, as it does chilled in the perfect martini, or straight on the rocks.  In fact, like us, you can drink U’Luvkaanyway you want and the best thing is that it is so pure there is no hangover to contend with the next day! It couldn’t possibly ask for anything more!

And as Ian Wisniewski, one of the world’s leading vodka critics has commented, “it would be difficult to make this any better.

U’Luvka vodka, quite frankly in our opinion is the definition of perfection! Top marks from the totallyweddings team!