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Totally weddings is a free service that will help find what you are looking for. Simply select the Start Looking For button on the home page, tell us what you are looking for, how much you want to spend and how you would like to be contacted. Then the suppliers who can help will come back to you. Easy! Even better, to start looking now just click here
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Meet Totally Weddings Team



With lots of new ventures in the pipeline, this is an extremely positive time for totallyweddings and it has to be said, certainly the busiest! Never one to miss out on a challenge, Celeste has never been happier. With two lovely girls to take care of and a Husband at Sea, she really has her work cut out! But, having a company like totallyweddings makes it all worthwhile.


Exhibition Co-Ordinator

Marleen joined Totallyweddings in December 2012. She has proved to be a much needed and valued member of the team and keeps us all on track. From taking bookings on the site to helping co ordinate the totallyweddings exhibitions, we don’t know where we would be without her! She has the knowledge and the skills to help push the company in the right direction.


Sales Executive

Melanie has been with Totallyweddings since the very beginning and is without a doubt the most fantastic sales person we know. She’s not one that believes in ‘the hard sell’ and has a wonderful way of advising clients rather than selling. This certainly works to her advantage. Having previously sold houses for a living, this is quite a positive contrast.


Sales Executive

Camilla started with the company in January and with her great sense of humour she definitely keeps the team in good spirits at all times! She is also gathering as many ideas for her own wedding, which we are all sure, will not be in the to distant future. Camilla along with Melanie will be looking after all bookings for the Toronto Wedding Exhibitions.

Totally Weddings Blog

Whatever You Do, Don’t Send Out Wedding Invitations to These Three People

It comes as a shock to many couples who realize that everyone around them wants to plan their wedding. If you are not assertive enough, people you hardly know could end up being the main wedding planners, a development that could easily set you up to fail. Imagine planning to get Jacob Mercari custom engagement rings only for a coworker you hardly talk to, to insist that they know some jewelry shop where they believe you can get the engagement rings at a cheaper price.

Focus on Cyprus for Weddings and Honeymoons

I was recently lucky enough to visit 3 fabulous 5* hotels on the beautiful island of Cyprus, to check out their wedding and honeymoon facilities. All of these hotels were located on the beach, and are idyllic choices for a romantic place to say 'I do'   All 3 hotels...

The Perfect Wedding Gift for the couple that have everything

Can you imagine the excitement in our office when us girls at Totallyweddings were lucky enough to try a new super premium 40% Polish grain vodka U’Luvka Vodka (pronounced You-Love-Ka). U'Luvka launched in the UK in spring 2005.  However, it is not so much a new...